We can’t stay here.

I’ve wanted to write for weeks, months maybe, but just haven’t been able to formulate the words. Even as I type, my mind is swimming with thoughts, ideas, questions, fears, and the 18 things I could be doing instead of sitting here writing. A lot has happened since we talked last. A dear friend lost … Continue reading We can’t stay here.

Avoidance and Self-Sabotage

Tonight I am writing from my bed. Which sounds cozy and nice but actually I'm hiding out in here with the door closed and a candle burning because I tried to shampoo my own carpets and now they're not drying and my house stinks (don't worry I've called in professional help). What started as a … Continue reading Avoidance and Self-Sabotage

Confessions of a hypocrite.

  I just spent the last 20 minutes reading through my old blog posts. Turns out there's some good advice in there. Ideas and truths that I needed to be reminded of. Sometimes I get tired of the work. I doubt myself. I find myself swimming in thoughts like "sure bravejoy is a good idea, … Continue reading Confessions of a hypocrite.